Factors Involved in Child Marriage

The main factors those are involved in promoting child marriage are poverty, protection of family honor, gender inequality and control over sexuality, women trafficking and tradition & culture.


Poverty is a deep rooted cause of child marriage. Selling children through marriage often happens for property deals and settle down family disputes to escape from the cycle of poverty.

Family Honor

In certain cultures girl is a symbol of family honor, thus it is presumed that by marrying a young girl the honor of family will be protected. This cause is basically related to the protection of girls’ sexuality and to control her sexuality.

Gender Inequality

Child marriage is a creation of cultures, social norms and traditions those undervalue girls and women. These are the cultures where discrimination against women is at peak in the form of marital rape, lack of health care facilities, lack of education and domestic violence.

Women Trafficking

Women trafficking is another hallmark of child marriage. Poor families sell their girls into forced marriages as they earn huge monetary compensations.

Creating an enabling environment tostop child marriage

through an active digital media campaign mainly through the wide circulation of related documentaries

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